Quest Living Learning Community

Quest Living Learning Community

Quest has allowed me to access meaning opportunities within campus and made my transition to ECU the easiest! The closest friends I have now all came from Quest, and I am grateful for this program!
- Chayla M.

QUEST is an exciting residential learning opportunity open to incoming transfer students who desire to live on campus. The community is structured to help transfer students make a seamless transition into the ECU campus. Unique programs and activities are intended to facilitate meaningful connections among students and encourage early engagement within the ECU community.

Who can participate in QUEST?

Transfer students who enter ECU with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and a desire to live on campus for their first academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) are encouraged to participate in the QUEST community. Participants in the QUEST LLC must be enrolled at ECU in the Fall. Applications are not accepted for Spring enrollment.

Click here to download the 2024-2025 QUEST Living Learning Community Application

Why should you apply to QUEST?
  • Establish an immediate sense of community with fellow transfer students
  • Learn about campus resources and services available to aid in your success.
  • Discover campus organizations and learn how to become involved on campus.
  • Create a sense of campus belonging and community at ECU.
  • Live on campus which provides easy access to resources such as the Pirate Academic Success Center, Joyner Library, the Student Recreation Center, dining halls, and more.
  • Have access to leadership opportunities that can support your occupational goals.
  • Take the first-year seminar course that is tailored to meet the needs of transfer students.
    What’s Involved?
    • Enroll in the COAD 1000 which will be held twice a week for 50 minutes. This is a 1-credit course and will be tailored for transfer students.
      • For Fall 2024, class will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4pm-4:50pm.
    • Participate in fall and spring specialized programming designed for QUEST Community.
    • Abide by the ECU Student Code of Conduct
    How to apply?

    As soon as you know you are interested you should:

    Applications will close on Wednesday, June 5th.

    What QUEST students are saying?

    “Quest creates a foundation of relationship that helps connect transfer students and build memories that will never be forgotten…a college moment that couldn’t have been better and will definitely be remember for the rest of our lives…” Kim L

    “I really appreciate how QUEST made the transition from being a transfer from a community college to a university really easy for me…” Athalia H.

    “Without a doubt, one of the best college experiences a student could have.” Jonathan C.